• LABEL /n/a
  • COUNTRY /Holland
  • FORMAT /Digital
  • BPM /Varying

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Few words

The Bond Van Doorstarters was created in 1983 by Ferry Maat. Many, now famous artists, started their careers thanks to this radio show. Examples are Addy van der Zwan and Koen Groeneveld (known as Klubbheads), Olav Basoski and Ruud van Rijen (Twenty 4 Seven).

Around the age of 13 it was a dream of mine to get on this show. At this age I started sending in demo tapes in the hope they would air them on the BVD. This was in 1983. It was only in the year of 2004 that I first got aired. The BVD would award the producers that made it on the show with a certain certificate that also showed the number of mixes that got successfully broadcasted. I still remember the exact number my certificate showed: #1007.