Bernd & Ben

I first met Bernd in 2005, after a DJ Gig in one of the northern cities in The Netherlands.
We met and talked and this picture was taken. The same year Bernd’s Project X track was featured in the Grandmix 2005. Purely based on it being a great production and a highlight of that year’s dance music. We kept in touch over the years and discussed topics from production methods, all the way to painting tips for walls.

At times Bernd got frustrated with the whole Music Business thing. Very understandable as it is one of the toughest businesses to be in. Tough when it’s not going your way and perhaps right-out dangerous when it does. I considered Bernd very talented which then also puts me in a different feedback mode. I’ll explain, You see, if someone mucks about and makes something that has a hint of promise, I’ll compliment that person with a positive vibe. With Bernd, being lightyears past the mucking-about stage, my feedback then focuses on the last details that need improving. That might have occasionally had a negative tone which Bernd didn’t immediately appreciate. Where I (being proper Dutch) tend to get straight to the point, Bernd then tended to get annoyed.

But with ‘nerds like us’, sharing the same passion, a quick conversation soon followed and all was good. In 2012 Bernd considered wrapping the music thing up altogether. Inspiring conversations followed on those occasions. Bernd appeared on numerous DMC releases.

Alex informed me in 2016 about Bernd’s condition. We got back in contact and I am thankful I got to visit Bernd in 2017.

Unfortunately, life happened whilst we were still making plans…
Bernd will be missed and I’m sorry we won’t hear what was yet to come. You will be remembered!

Ben Liebrand

Ben Liebrand & Bernd Loorbach

Music Crossing Paths

Grandmix Director's Cut 2005
  1. 01 Grandmix 2005 Director's Cut Ben Liebrand

This mix includes Project X – Streaming Summer Love
Streaming Summer Love 2005
  1. 01 Streaming Summer Love (Radio Mix) Project X
  2. 02 Streaming Summer Love (Extended Mix) Project X