My Biography

Back in the day secret radio stations were a big thing. Everybody used to listen to them including my parents. My uncle actually ran his own station, which I always thought was very interesting. I met Bernd during our time in school. We started conversation and pretty soon we realized we shared a hobby, mixing music. Back then mixing was a very new thing, some radio stations started to free up some air time for mixes, but no big shows like Mix Marathon today. I remember listening to the then reigning Dutch Mix Champion named Orlando Voorn, playing a live set on AVRO. It was amazing.

When Bernd and I became friends I started to watch him mix a lot, we used to ride to school together and just talk about music all day. Later on in 1989 we started mixing together. The first few mixes  became a success because they aired at TROS radio, the program they aired on is called Dancetracks @ TROS Clubmix. I remember them airing on Thursday evening. We then became sort of addicted to it, producing mixes for Veronica, Arrow Jazz Radio, Sublime FM, Radio 538, SLAM! FM and Radio 10. A lot of them were collaborations but we also have our individual successes. Take for example the releases at English Dance label DMC. Bernd has introduced me to DMC which I am still very grateful for even today.

Bernd and I share our love for mix icons such as Ben Liebrand and Peter Slaghuis. I see Bernd as a mixer with a lot of talent, I’ve learned a lot from him and still do. In the mixing world we share a connection, the connection is a lot like that of a master and student. Bernd is a perfectionist and it takes a while for him to be satisfied with something. I think in mixing that’s a great quality. I think that’s why Bernd is an example to many.

Collaborations between Bernd And Alex

Italo House Mix 1992
  1. 01 Italo House Mixx Bernd Loorbach, Alex Giacomini
One World One Love 2006
  1. 01 One Love World Love (Project X vs Di Giacomo Club Mix) Frank Tia-Aya Ft. Yardi Don